Kinross Farm is a family owned and managed business that has been producing high quality eggs for over 40 years. Located in the foothills of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range, the farm is only a 1 hour drive from Melbourne. At Kinross we believe that great eggs come from healthy, well cared for hens. Everyone at Kinross Farm is committed to the wellbeing of our hens and ensuring that we always deliver the highest quality eggs to you.

Kinross Farm offers a full range of eggs in various sizes, from large to super jumbo.

Order your Kinross Eggs now, in either dozen pack cartons or, if you prefer, in catering packs.

Half dozens are also available.

Stay tuned for more delicious, easy to cook recipes using Kinross Farm Eggs. And remember, eggs are an affordable and nutritious fast food alternative.

That's why they have the Heart Foundation Tick of approval.

CERT TM used under licence. People with health concerns should seek dietary advice from their doctor or dietitian.


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