What Came First… The Chicken or the Egg?

Are there added hormones in the chicken feed?

No! Hormones are never added to the food that we feed our hens at Kinross Farm.

Are the chickens fed antibiotics?

Antibiotics are only ever prescribed upon the advice of a Veterinary Consultant. The eggs are withdrawn from the market if the health of the hen or the eggs is adversely affected.

How do you know if an egg is fresh?

Firstly, check the use by date. To maintain freshness, eggs should be treated like any other perishable item and be kept refrigerated at all times. It is best to store your eggs in their original packaging in the fridge, stored pointy end down to ensure maximum freshness.

A quick test of freshness is to place an egg in a bowl of cold water. A fresh egg will sink to the bottom while an egg that is not fresh will float.

Can eggs absorb smells?

Yes! To ensure that your eggs taste great, keep them in their original packaging and keep them away from strong smelling food products.

Does Kinross Farms use chemicals to make the yolks brighter?

No! At Kinross Farm we ensure that the hens diet includes ingredients such as Marigold flowers and Sunflowers to give you that bright natural yellow colour.

What about Cholesterol in eggs?

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. That’s why they have the Heart Foundations Tick of Approval.

Research by Australian Scientists has found that “including two eggs a day to the diet of people with normal cholesterol levels will have no effect on their levels of blood cholesterol.” (p.46 The story of eggs. Catriona Nicholls. 2005)